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Here you get a complete overview of the work areas that Grape A/S is involved in. The list is intended as an intuitive entry point for those who know what they’re looking for – we’re constantly updating the list with new pages and relevant blog posts.

The main areas of work for Grape A/S

Digital e-learning:

E-learning – Digital learning and production of E-learning material
Virtual reality – Enhance e-learning by using Virtual Reality

Commercial execution

Sales execution and sales training – Blended e-learning course with workshops and coaching
Commercial Strategy and Leadership Development – Provides recommendations and close collaboration on strategy implementation
Leadership and Culture – Organizational change, from managing turnaround and cultural alignment

Online courses
Online courses that drive business results

Online course in Anti-Corruption and Bribery – Manage and identify corruption and bribery in practice in collaboration with Plesner advokatpartnerselskab
Diversity & Inclusion Online Course – Creating an Innovative and Inclusive Workplace

Online course in Stress & Wellbeing – Mini course developed by consultants at AS3

Online Course GDPR – 7 modules update your GDPR knowledge

Online Course IT Security – Digital Security Mini Course

Online course Project Management – New inspiration for structure and working methods find success with better project management

Online course The Enneagram – A powerful tool for developing the whole team

Online course Leadership Development – Succeed as a leader

Online Sales Training Course – Develop sales and customer service skills

Online course Microsoft 365 – Get to know the powerful programs.

Online course DiSC – Get inspiration on how to use DiSC to understand your own behavior when interacting with others.

About Grape A/S

Contact – Call or write to us

Our Team – Meet the team behind Grape A/S

Cases – See how we’ve helped our customers.

eLearning Blog
– News and articles about e-learning

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