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  • Content: 19 modules

  • Language: English and Danish

Grape has put together 4 leadership development courses that provide the tools to excel as a leader and succeed as an organization.

Upskill your managers

  • Developed in collaboration with Grape’s own management consultants.
  • Designed and produced by Grape, specialists in e-learning
  • Customized to your organization, audience and brand.

Employees and managers are increasingly working from home, which has quickly redefined the role of the manager.

They need to understand and handle distance management, blended learning, virtual teams, etc. like never before.

We have developed 19 leadership development modules. When you purchase access to Leadership Development, your employees get access to ALL the modules.

This way, you can decide which employees need what.

To make it as easy as possible for your organization to get started with leadership development, we have grouped the modules into 4 courses to inspire you on how to put the modules together.

Read more about the 4 courses below:



Employees should be developed individually. This means that the manager must be able to master management disciplines as diverse as

  • Understand the employee’s development level
  • The dynamics and dysfunctions of the employee team
  • The different motivators and human needs
  • Manage conflict and stress
  • Coach and develop
  • Provide value-added feedback
  • Lead from a distance


Leading others requires a leader to have self-awareness and understand when leadership behavior is appropriate and when it is inappropriate.

At the same time, the leader must understand what the role and responsibilities of a leader entail in order to be credible.

Last but not least, the leader must be able to identify and manage the many different surrounding stakeholders that all influence the leader’s leadership capabilities.


Leadership is fundamentally about creating results through others.

Therefore, in addition to developing employees, managers must understand how to execute on the strategic must-win battles to achieve the department’s goals.

The manager must therefore be able to:

  • Communicate
  • Set inspiring goals
  • Follow up
  • Prioritise
  • Delegate tasks
  • Work with KPIs and KBIs etc.


Today’s leader must succeed in driving performance in an ever-changing world. Since performance depends on both engagement and productivity, leaders must be able to develop employee behaviors, attitudes and competencies to create an organisational culture that supports the strategy.

This means that the manager must:

  • Drive big and small changes
  • Understand and manage the natural resistance that often arises
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Create ambassadors
  • Develop the organisational culture, etc.


Mads Dahl-Larsen is a management and strategy consultant.


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