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Plenty of skilled consultants can take the podium and excite, contextualise, and inspire. They can ensure energetic days filled with action plans and intentions.

However, many struggle to anchor the learning afterwards properly. 

Anchoring Initiatives

Apps and platforms where participants can revisit videos of the consultant and get small learning tests or homework assignments. YAWN!

Indeed, no one truly believes that such anchoring initiatives influence behaviour and competencies in the desired direction, right?

Anchoring is about putting new competencies and desired behaviours into practice. It’s about actually using what we’ve been presented with by the consultant on the podium. And it doesn’t require homework assignments but rather a lot of follow-up.

Tedious, structured, annoying, time-consuming, and sometimes conflict-inducing, but necessary follow-up.

The question is, who takes on that task? As we see it, there are three possibilities:

  • HR – but do they have the time, mandate, and/or competencies?
  • Managers – but do they have the desire, time, and/or competencies?
  • The consultant himself, but can we afford and/or want to have someone around for as long as it takes to anchor?

In our view, the arrow points to the managers. But how do you do it effectively, and who follows up on the managers?

Manager helping colleague reviewing sales pitch
Professional reviewing information on her phone.


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