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Are you persistent and willing to make mistakes? Are you optimistic, and do you have a knack for knowing when to change your sales strategy to be more successful?

We all want to be winners. We want to be with winners. We want to be in winning situations. Having a winner’s mentality is something you exude, and often, that’s what customers buy. You can have a winning product, but it can be difficult to sell the product if you don’t radiate that you are a winner.

Five characteristics define winners:

1. They love what they do

Winners love what they do. They enjoy the game and the challenges. They have found joy in what they work with and believe that the craftsmanship is more important than the bottom line. Their work makes them happy. They are passionate and consider it a gift to be able to do what they do.

2. They feel responsible for what they do

Winners feel and take responsibility for what they do. They take responsibility for the quality of their work and for achieving results. They see opportunities and find solutions on their initiative. They are open to change. They actively think: What can I do to create a good business instead of being passive and focusing on what others can do for them? They know their numbers, they have clear goals, and they know their success criteria. They are proactive, so they can be sure to reach their goals.

3. They are optimists

Winners are optimists. They see themselves as a success and are confident they will succeed. They don’t give up because they face adversity. They see adversity as something positive – as an opportunity to develop. They are persistent. They know that persistence pays off in the long run. Those who remain winners have a combination of both talent and will. Winners think: “It will work out” instead of “It will probably go wrong.”

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4. They are willing to make mistakes

Winners are willing to make mistakes. Their attitude is that anything worth doing is also worth doing badly – at least for a while. They try, they fail, and they learn.

When learning something new, quantity is more important than quality. If you want to get better at selling, you must also be willing to make the mistakes it takes. Your quality improves with your experiences. You’ll never get off the ground if you want to do everything perfectly from the start. Of course, we must constantly strive to raise the standard of our work, but this can only happen if we have personal experiences to build on.

5. They are willing to pay the price

Winners are willing to pay the price. Whatever it takes. That means we sometimes have to change our strategies to reach new heights. If you’ve been selling the same way for 20 years while the market and your products have changed, you must prepare to change your strategies to stay on top. That means you must be willing to take a hit in results for a period to become even better at selling. It’s not always about doing your best, but rather doing what it takes. Our best may not always be what it takes. We must be ready to break through the limitations we see. Winners focus on the goal and make the efforts necessary to reach it.

Enjoy your sales!