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75% of all personal safety breaches happen due to human error.

So why is it that employees are the most important resource in protecting your valuable data? How do you train your employees to recognize even the most advanced phishing attacks?

In this blog post, we take a closer look at why awareness training for your employees is essential.

The scammers have gotten good

Most companies have firewalls installed to stop phishing emails from reaching employees’ inboxes, but some phishing emails will still find their way through.

A few emails may not sound like much, but if your employees aren’t trained on how to recognize a fake email, an untrustworthy link, and a sender email pretending to be the CEO, it only takes one wrong click on a dangerous link.

It was once said that if the email was full of spelling mistakes, strange links and came from a weird sender email, it was most likely a phishing email. These things aren’t a benchmark anymore.

Phillip Stegelmann and Daniel Borhani from BDO say that they experience phishing emails where they themselves have doubts about whether it is genuine or fake. Hackers have become incredibly skilled and this creates a much greater demand for IT security training.

BDO: tips for IT security

Want to learn more about the topics above? Then we recommend you listen to this podcast episode where Phillip and Daniel from BDO talk about IT security at eye level.

Listen in if you are:

  • Want to understand more about the IT security threat
  • How to get started with IT security
  • Where responsibility for IT security is placed in the organization
  • What low-hanging fruit there is that you can start on tomorrow

Click the image to listen to the podcast on Spotify – or watch it in the video below. Both are in Danish.

The good Cyber Security culture

The responsibility for IT security in the workplace lies with management – they are the ones with the decision-making authority and the ones who stand to lose if the company is brought down by a hacker attack.

If management takes responsibility and pushes Awareness training, Phillip and Daniel want to make sure employees are motivated. There’s no employee who doesn’t want to contribute to IT security – some find it frustrating and inconvenient, but the worry of being responsible for the company being attacked makes employees take IT security seriously.

The culture behind IT security is therefore important. It’s about creating a culture where you:

  • Help each other recognize the red flags in an email
  • Can remind each other that maybe you should finish the call in a conference room
  • Must remember to give guests a guest card
  • And most importantly, that employees feel confident to speak up in the event of an accident.

Mistakes can happen to even the most experienced employees. It’s about showing that as a company you value attention rather than berating mistakes.

Blogpost om IT-Sikkerhed. Kolleger arbejder med IT-sikkerhed på computer.
Blogpost IT-Sikkerhed. Kolleger diskutere IT-sikkerhed på telefon.

Get started quickly with IT security training

We write and receive emails every day, and it’s the easiest way to access your business data. By training your employees in IT security awareness, you will have an extra shield against IT attacks. The training does not require you to be an IT security expert, IT expert or CISO.

In collaboration with BDO, we have developed a course in IT securitythat takes you and your employees through the most important elements of IT security.

It’s all about helping employees spot the red flags and getting common sense about where and when to handle data and information. Can you take your laptop on vacation? What should employees be aware of when they have a work mobile?

Employees need to know what to do – and when. Once the culture and workflows are in place, you’re already well on your way.