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When creating e-learning courses, so-called authoring tools are used. An authoring tool is the program you use to create a cohesive learning flow for end users.

The program brings together and presents the different learning elements in a way that is easy for users to navigate and creates a great learning experience.

The user-friendly learning experience

Articulate Rise is a very popular choice when it comes to authoring tools, and for many good reasons.

A Rise course consists of content blocks (text, images, video, exercises, etc.) that are put together in a vertical flow. The blocks are customizable, while setup and functionality are built in from the start. The program has an established and proven user interface that ensures a good user experience.

It’s easy to get started creating e-learning in Rise, but the complete learning experience comes when Rise is combined with specialized graphics, animations, GIFs, and other elements that form a unified concept.

This is often where the Grape team comes in. For example, our project with
where the learning universe is based on animated characters and customized graphics.

Scalable to mobile and tablets

Rise is a tool that automatically adapts to different devices. This is possible because the program is based on templates with set functionality.

This is an advantage for many who want their employees to be able to take the e-learning at their convenience.

Efficient use of resources

It is effective to use a templatetool like Rise, as it makes e-learning development and setup simple, fast and efficient. The resources you save development and testing, can release resources for other elements, soas a great graphic or exciting animationswhich can add extra wow factor.

In cases where
where more specialized exercises are needed,
it is possible to integrate elements that are
built into the tool,



. This is a popular solution that can really expand the customisation possibilities in Rise.

When is Rise the right choice?

Rise is a great choice for many types of courses, and makes particular sense for courses that are highly video-based or that contain a mix of text, images, video material and simple exercises and quizzes.

In some cases, Rise will not be the obvious choice. For example, projects with special needs in the field of:

  • Customized navigation or user journey
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Tailored functionality
  • Tailor-made exercises
  • A fully customised visual design

In these cases, it often makes sense to consider a more specialized tool like Articulate Storyline to build the full course from scratch.

At Grape, we work based on customer needs and make an individual assessment of which authoring tool creates the most value for the customer and end users.

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