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The answer from Mogens Weinreich, author of the book of the same name, is a resounding yes!

Regardless of where you stand today, you have the potential to develop into something even greater. You can develop the personal qualities that you utilize with your customers every day. Some qualities support you, while others directly hinder you in achieving good sales results.

As a salesperson, you face the demanding and challenging task every day of uncovering customers’ needs and creating value through your products, services, or solutions. You have the important task of connecting needs and solutions. But how do you do that successfully?

Your social skills

Today, we know that success in sales is not only determined by what you sell but to a large extent by how you sell. When people and companies choose whether they want to become customers, studies show that only 50% of the decision is based on the supplier’s products and price, while the remaining 50% is determined by the actual buying experience.

The entry ticket to sales is, of course, professionalism and knowledge of the classic sales toolbox, but success is created by the ability to engage in social contact with customers. To create a good buying experience, you need to use a wide range of your personal qualities.

When you meet a customer, you must create a constructive and positive atmosphere between you in just a few minutes. You must build trust in a situation where you will often be met with healthy skepticism. You must find the customer’s needs and uncover all aspects of them. And then you must be able to close a deal. In the process, there are many different personal qualities you need to bring into play for the customer to ultimately buy something from you.

Professionals discussing their sales outside
Designer working at her desk

Map your skills

If you could map out these qualities, you would find exactly those that may be the reason why sales sometimes fall through for you. And you can also map out which ones promote your success.

You cannot completely change your personality, but you can develop your qualities significantly. For example, you can develop better situational awareness so you can understand the motives behind what a customer says to you. You can increase your ability to persuade when a customer is doubtful. You can also become better at handling conflicts in a more constructive way. This is crucial when you try to close an order and encounter resistance because the customer raises objections.

By uncovering the areas you should develop, you can significantly increase your overall sales competence. You can use your personality much more effectively while maintaining your credibility and become more present as you act more naturally and empathetically. Your customers can feel this. And you become better at selling.

Testing and coaching

At Grape, our certified coaches can help you gain insight into which personal qualities can improve your sales performance. A personal assessment test can provide you with in-depth insights into both the professional and personal qualities you can develop and improve.

The analysis is a good basis for individual coaching between managers and employees and can form the basis for a personal and tailored sales training program.