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Freetrailer wanted a simple, clear and vivid narrative about the benefits of their business concept. A story that could be shared on both their website and social media.

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Since 2004, Freetrailer has made sure to offer a sharing economy solution that benefits everyone. The idea is as simple today as it was then: Free lending of trailers and electric cargo bikes to anyone who needs them. Freetrailer runs on the principle: We make sharing easy!






We started with a story about Peter – a man who has just bought a large item in a shop and needs a trailer to transport the item home.

Peter’s use of a Freetrailer brought benefits to the store manager, the chain’s marketing manager and even the investor in Freetrailer.

From that narrative, Freetrailer’s business concept was made relatable and understandable.

Freetrailer Peter E-Learning Customer case
Freetrailer E-Learning animation from customer case

We are very happy with our collaboration with Grape. They have demonstrated outstanding expertise, creativity and professionalism. Grape understood our needs and created visually appealing content that conveyed our message. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Sara Lyngsøe
Chief Marketing Officer, Freetrailer


The simplicity of Freetrailer’s business model is one of their greatest strengths and the narrative that “everyone can recognize themselves in Peter, or one of the other stakeholder groups” resonated positively with the target audience, as well as Freetrailer itself.

Animatically, we chose a style that incorporated sympathetic elements and supported the relatable nature of the story.

Length-wise, we gave ourselves a 2 minute time frame – the core story had to be conveyed in 2 minutes. to keep the recipient engaged in the story and make the explainer video useful in a social media context.

et billede fra kursus lavet til Freetrailer, målrette deres mange kunder

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