Pre- and onboarding in 60 min.

Coloplast wanted flexible and digital pre- and onboarding of new colleagues worldwide.

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Coloplast A/S is a Danish company that develops and markets products and services within healthcare. Coloplast has four main business areas and over 16,000 employees worldwide.


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Coloplast wanted to create a digital pre- and onboarding universe that could deliver a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the business, strategy and culture for all new employees.

The mission was to create a pre- and onboarding universe that employees could take in just 60 minutes. The result was an e-learning program that combines videos, animations, interactive graphics and 360-degree videos where employees can virtually “walk around” their new workplace at Coloplast.

The digital transformation of the pre- and onboarding process has not only allowed Coloplast to streamline their onboarding overall, but it has also created a more cohesive and engaging experience for new employees.

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“We have been pleased to collaborate with Grape and we are confident that they will add value to any other client in need of similar services.”

Miguel Moreno
Digital Learning Manager, Coloplast

Full-service collaboration

Grape was responsible for everything from project management, storyboarding, shooting 360 images at Coloplast to video production, storyline content creation and animations.

Once the English version of the learning universe was ready, Grape then coordinated and translated the universe into 11 different languages – so the program could be used for all new employees in the world.

At Grape, we have extensive experience in developing pre- and onboarding programs for companies large and small. Is your organization also ready to move your pre- and onboarding digitally? So let’s talk about your needs.

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