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Virtual Communication


4-8 hours
+ relevant e-learning


Can be delivered using physical workshops and/or virtual training sessions


Often combined with Value-based selling

Virtual meetings are the new normal

Virtual meetings are the new normal for meetings that were previously Face to Face meetings. It presents new challenges because it places different demands on the dialogue, and we find it more difficult to create impact, reactions and get messages delivered. Those who manage to quickly raise the confidence and skills within virtual meetings get an advantage. Several reports show that many have not yet raised standards in this area.

Technique & tactics

Virtual communication is based on how we build relationships, differentiate ourselves and engage the other party. We therefore train both the technical use of the virtual meeting tools as well as dialogue tactics and techniques, so you achieve the best possible effect.

Kompetencer du vil blive trænet i


To prepare virtual meetings so that they provide a the best experience

Get a handle on the technique

To get a handle on the technique and setup before, during and after the meeting.

Create relationships

To create relationship-building dialogues that build sympathy and trust

Balance communication

To involve and communicate in the right balance and with conviction

Body language

Using body language and create an impact through the screen

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Senior Consultant

Mikael Werner