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Sales Training

Sales training designed to win customers

Sales today do not leave much room for error or mediocre skills. If you want to win in the market and create buying loyal customers, the sales organisation’s skills and behavior are a crucial factor.

We can help you generate revenue and strong customer relationships through our training solutions. Our sales methodology and tools combined with an effective learning method ensure that your sales team learn, master and apply new behaviors when and where they matter the most – in front of the buyer.

Since 2001, we have developed and delivered the best sales training in the industry. We know that new behaviors and competencies require employee development and a dedicated effort. We always customise training courses to suit your business and needs. We always think in terms of implementation and long-term sustainability when building a training course.

How do you prefer to be trained?

Sales training can be combined with a focus on individual topics or challenges, or by taking the entire sales process as a starting point. We provide experienced trainers and have over 50 different topics that we can train you in.

New strategies can lead to a need for cultural change in the (sales)organisation. Such changes often require more than just professional training, but also advice in reorganising processes and establishing new structures. We can tailor and conceptualise the training process, so that the entire organisation gets the skills, tools and processes needed to move you towards the new goal. We call it training academies.


Link Logistics

The case


Behaviour and values permeate Link Logistics after achieving a value-creating connection between employee development, communication and training.


A collaboration with Grape and the learning and development platform – eloomi.

Upskilling your sales team. What skills are needed?

Below are some of the typical topics we help raise skills within.
They can be delivered individually or combined into a tailor-made program.

Online courses in sales training

Do you need your salespeople to get more out of their efforts?
The right sales process can increase the win rate by up to 31%

B2C Sales

Learn to use the most cutting-edge tools and techniques in B2C sales. Understand how you can build customer relations and how to win more opportunities.

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B2B Sales

Learn to use the most cutting-edge tools and techniques in B2B sales. Understand how you can build customer relations and how to win more opportunities.

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Learn the most cutting-edge tools and techniques, to make sure you deliver the best customer service experience and identify all sales opportunities.

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The learning journey

Why blended learning?

At Grape, we believe in blended learning, where e-learning and workshops are combined. It provides efficiency in both teaching and time spent by the participants. That is why we have built over 50 modules with generic e-learning within sales training and employee development.

We work with all topics within sales, service and management in B2B and B2C companies. Our experience is built up by working with 1.100+ companies in sectors within consulting, finance, trade, insurance, IT and telecommunications, as well as transport and energy.

We offer sales training for both beginners and experienced sales people. Whether you are an outbound, tele- or retail salesman.

What does the best sales people do?

Sales have changed! What was previously enough is no longer sufficient. Get the tools and methods you need for winning today.

These are examples of skills that the best within sales continuously make sure to train and maintain:

  • Challenges the customer’s status quo and inspires with relevant market insights

  • Establishes a strong collaboration with the customer

  • Builds commercial messages that easily conveys to busy customers

  • Conducts virtual sales meetings convincingly

  • Facilitates discussions with the various customer stakeholders

  • Negotiate other variables than price

And that is on top of the basic skills, such as:

  • Planning, sales process, objection

  • Persuasive communication, argumentation, presentation

  • Book meetings, closing techniques, negotiation

  • Account Management, sales management, coaching

  • Winner mentality, relationships, facilitation, conflict management

  • Storytelling, written communication, commercial messages

Get help to map out all your sales processes and find out what skills and tools are needed. Make your very own sales concept, which defines the standards your sales organisation must comply with.

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