Optimise your Performance Management with the award-winning platform eloomi


Optimise your Performance Management with the award-winning platform eloomi

Do as many of our customers and see the effects of a digital learning universe

New and future employees place higher and higher demands on companies’ ability to communicate digitally and flexibly. With digital learning, competency measurement and performance management combined into the same tool, many of these processes are future-proofed in your business.

A digital employee experience platform with relevant e-learning ensures you specific and professional training for your employees. It is also an effective communication tool. The digitalisation of processes such as onboarding, feedback, GDPR and sales training provides both economies of scale, efficiency and structure, but also a unique opportunity for individualisation of processes for your employees.

At Grape, we use eloomi, which is an award-winning employee experience platform, that helps companies develop talent, achieve their goals and make everyday tasks easier. In one tool you can both train skills, create motivation and manage your performance management.


Performance Management, Feedback and Appraisal

With the eloomi platform, learning and performance is made simple with less effort and more impact. All communications can be delivered in a structured an easy way and management can always see the ongoing competence development of the entire organization.

At the same time, you can give employees easy and transparent access to new training and interesting knowledge, as well as access to a simple dashboard where they can follow their professional development and personal goals.


"Initially, eloomi was introduced to us as a training tool, but it was the performance management part that really caught our attention. "

Are you missing a performance management tool?

As a leader, eloomi provides you with the right tools for goal management, setting up KPIs, performance management and a coaching structure that can ensure the ongoing skill development for your team as well as the personal development for each employee.

You can continuously monitor the team’s development and create internal competition with gamification elements.

eloomi gives you, among other things:

  • Award-winning Learning Management System (LMS platform)
  • Performance Management Tool
  • Easy creation and distribution of e-learning
  • Gamification module with points and trophies
  • KPI dashboards of results and behavior
  • Coaching templates
  • Leaderboards and benchmark
  • Complete reports
  • Easy distribution for all devices

Would you like to hear exactly how we can help you? Book a demo of eloomi here – we will then send you the login details, so you can access the options and possibilities with the platform.

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eloomi is an effective and inspiring training tool. Do you want to test whether eloomi fits your company?

I already have eloomi (or another LMS platform) - what's next?

When you have decided on your LMS platform, you may have experienced the same frustration many of our customers experience – the platform is empty! The platform is empty!

Some companies have in-house Learning Designers, that create storyboards and produce effective e-learning in all the right formats. Others already have a large in-house library of videos, powerpoints and articles that can be assembled as e-learning tracks, but most companies partner with external e-learning providers. But most companies partner with externale-learning providers.

At Grape we have been working with e-learning production since 2001. We are a Nordic consulting company specialising in corporate learning and development. With us you get the most effective e-learning for e.g. onboarding, compliance and sales training.

Our consultants have the business understanding as well as hands-on experience and in collaboration with our Learning Designers, who are experts in e-learning and communication, we create e-learning with noticeable results for your LMS platform.

Let us know, how we can help you?

Commercial Director

Jens Hindkjær