Optimize your pre- and onboarding process with e-learning


Optimize your pre- and onboarding process with e-learning

... and get motivated employees who create value for your business faster

Do you also know this scenario? You just spent a lot of time and resources on finding the right profile for your new position.

Therefore, it is really important to you that the new employee get a good experience from the beginning. The good experience should start before the ink on the contract is dry which is important because:

  • The new employee must be properly prepared for the position and ready to make a positive contribution to the company
  • The new employee must be motivated for his new role in the company

57 % leave their new position within the first 12 months of employment - often due to lack of pre- and onboarding in the company and about the position

But it can be really difficult – in fact, hiring is probably a big expense in your recruitment costs when new employees choose to resign within the first year.

But don’t worry, you are just experiencing what many other Danish companies are experiencing in relation to recruitment today – because in fact 57 % of new employees in Danish companies choose to quit within the first year of employment.

Get a more structured pre- and onboarding

We have worked with structured pre- and onboarding processes in many different industries since 2001, and we have repeatedly seen the financial benefits of an efficient process for companies, not to mention the personal gain for employees.

Maybe you already use e-learning for your onboarding, but need help to make it even more effective? Or maybe e-learning is completely new to you and you need help getting started?

In either case, we can help optimise your onboarding with the unique learning platform, eloomi, and our generic e-learning library. With us you don’t just buy a system and e-learning modules – because we know from experience that it takes more than that, to be successful with your onboarding.


"We want to manage and strengthen the culture change in the organization and provide employees with effective and motivating pre- and onboarding" - Telmore

Does your current pre- and onboarding process need an upgrade?

Did you know that several studies show that an effective onboarding process can shorten a training process by up to two months? The shorter onboarding results in faster results for the company and a more motivated employee in the long run. You can use e-learning before hiring to introduce the company, product portfolio and values, so your new employee is better prepared for the first day at the company.

With optimized preboarding and onboarding you get …

  • 25 % better retention rate
  • 54 % greater employee engagement and motivation
  • 75 % faster employee productivity

Our consultants have a great deal of experience, and in collaboration with you, they can set up soft and hard goals in order to create a personal and professional development process for your new employees.

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