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Leadership Development

Bring out the good leadership in your organisation

We love working with leadership and helping you succeed. At Grape, we train and develop organisations so they are equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. We have helped more than 1100 organisations with exactly that. With us you can always expect a high level of commitment and an experienced and competent partner, who understands your needs and goals, and can adapt the solution. Below are some of the typical topics that we help raise skills within, but you are always welcome to contact us for a chat about your specific needs.

Improve efficiency and flexibility with blended solutions

We offer an energetic and involving training, blended with relevant e-learning, virtual meetings and follow-up measures, so you get the most effect from your investment in the organisation.
At Grape, we work with the latest tools within learning and development, and can offer our training delivered virtually, physically and blended between workshops, coaching and e-learning. It gives you a great degree of flexibility in terms of time and individual needs as well as a highly effective training.



The case


Ecco is training established sales team in new approaches to the current market challenges.


The result is a better ability to handle customer challenges, new energy and better internal sparring in the team.

Upskilling your leaders. What skills are needed?

Below are some of the typical topics we help raise skills within.
They can be delivered individually or combined into a tailor-made program.

Online courses in leadership development

There are enormous demands of the modern leader today. They need to understand and handle distance management, blended learning, virtual teams, etc. like never before. That is why we offer online courses within leadership skills that the modern leader need to succeed.

Lead your team

Employee development is one of the most important skills as a leader. Get an efficient toolbox to motivate and develop your employees.

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Lead your business

Leadership is about creating results through others. Therefore, you need to understand how to execute on the strategic must win battles to achieve business goals.

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Lead the change

As a leader, you must drive big and small changes, and be able to understand and deal with the natural resistance that often arises in a world of constant change.

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The learning journey

Grape as your partner

Grape was established in 2001 and has since helped more than 1,100 companies raise the skills demanded by both employees and the business. We can also help you.

We can help you discover opportunities, gain insight and an overview of the needed skills and subsequently provide training both digitally and face to face, that can lift your organisation to the next level.

We can provide insight and tools for how you can best handle change and create a cultural change – and we are with you all the way, even when new changes appear along the way.

Let us know, how we can help you?


Mads Dahl-Larsen