Create motivated employees and results with change management


Create motivated employees and results with change management

Lead yourself, lead others, and lead the change

If you are a manager or leader, then change management is hardly a concept you have avoided getting acquainted with – for the world is constantly changing. The global market is evolving, new technologies are emerging, new generations of employees are entering the labor market and the competitive landscape is changing faster than ever. So how do you get your business and employees with you when all these changes are hitting you too – the answer is: change management! But maybe you find, like the majority of all leaders, change management both time-consuming and challenging?

How do you get your business and employees to follow, when all these changes also affect you. The answer is: Change management!

But perhaps you find, like the majority of all leaders, that change management is both time consuming and challenging?


The leaders today face great demands. We talk about distance management, blended learning, virtual teams, etc. like never before. That is why we offer online courses covering the skills that the modern leader needs to master.

What do you do when you, as a leader, experience resistance to a planned change?

When you can repeatedly see the frustration in your employees’ eyes, because the change often negatively impacts motivation and well-being until it is implemented. Do you know how to deal with the situation that often arises when new changes are constantly occurring while past changes are being implemented? Today, the ability to master and leverage change is one of the most sought after traits of leaders. For new strategies can divert the need for organizational change and make demands on new competencies, which create the foundation for better performance. The existing culture can be a showstopper for new initiatives, but so can the process of change. Essential to success in commercial organizations is that culture, behavior, processes, rhythms and the organization, support the strategy and goals that the company has set. Then, as a leader, you can both create results and make a difference for your employees.

Working with Grape

We have helped meet these changes at some of the largest organisations in the Nordic countries since 2001. We can also help you find the best method of change management to meet your current or future change process. We can introduce and train you in change management and ensure the crucial focus on the company’s culture, habits, personality profiles and stakeholders so that you achieve the best possible process and thus also the best result. We can provide insight and tools on how to best handle change processes and cultural change. We are with you all the way, even when new changes emerge along the way.

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