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At Grape we are specialists within organisational development and digital learning. We work with organisations in several different industries where we help develop digital learning, deliver sales training and leadership development and offer the best learning platform in the market.

We offer both training and skills development via e-learning or tailored solutions that are a combination of physical meetings, like workshops and coaching, and e-learning with digital content of the highest quality. All content can always be adjusted to meet your business needs.

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We make e-learning easy! Get tailor-made e-learning or choose between a big library of ready-made courses



We help you utilise your digital learning with the best learning management platform on the market



We help your sales organisation with the right tools and skills to create better growth and achieve great results



We help your leaders on all levels manage, motivate and develop your organisation to reach your goals


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No matter what your current challenge is, we have the experience and tools to help you solve it.

When you choose Grape as your business partner, you get a strong and experienced team of skilled learning designers, experienced consultants and structured project managers, who are ready to help you, your employees and your organisation.

You are always welcome to call us +45 70 10 20 48 or send a message info@grapenordic.com.We are ready to answer any questions or have a chat about, what we specifically can do for you.

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