Performance Management


4-6 days + relevant e-learning
+ relevant e-learning


Can be delivered using physical workshops and/or virtual training sessions


Often combined with change management and business management.

Results through individuals

As leaders, we have to manage, motivate and develop to get the organisation to perform as desired. We must create results through the people in our team, and ensure that we reach our goals in the right way with the right quality.

Lead your team

When you are leading your team, it is important that you can work both with commitment and performance. Therefore, we train specific tools that make it possible to assemble and run the team efficiently and with high loyalty.

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Working with goals and expectations


Working with motivation


Working with feedback


To read the employees’ level of development and adapt the management style

Conflict management

Dealing with conflicts

Understand dynamics

To understand dynamics and dysfunctions in the team

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Mads Dahl-Larsen