Leading from a distance


2 days
+ relevant e-learning


Can be delivered using physical workshops and/or virtual training sessions


Often combined with Persuasive Communication and People and Performance Management

Management from a distance

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic employees and managers are increasingly working from home, which has quickly redefined the leadership role. They need to understand and handle distance management, blended learning, virtual teams, etc. like never before.

Motivation & Productivity

Distance management is based on working with the employees’ motivation, productivity and affiliation to the company from the distance.

Kompetencer du vil blive trænet i

Motivation & commitment

To uncover and understand your employees’ motivation and commitment

Reconciliation of goals

To work with different communication channels to align goals, motivate and increase the feeeling of belonging

Dealing with demotivation

Dealing with demotivation

Virtual meetings

To communicate, facilitate and create involvement in virtual meetings

Create relations from a distance

To work with empathy and relations from a distance

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Mads Dahl-Larsen