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Do you leave a good first impression?

By June 2, 2017February 10th, 2020No Comments
Sales Training

Do you leave a good first impression?

A lot is determined in the first few seconds of meeting a client. More than you probably think. Are you aware of it? And do you actually practice that part of your sales technique?

If you have worked in sales for a longer period of time you have heard it endless times – it is crucial to leave a good first impression. You probably also know it from your own experience, so why are we repeating it? Because over 50 % of a clients decision-making is based on you as a person. Your potential clients have to get a great first impression of you, so they will later see you as a credible specialist.

The first 20 seconds are crucial

Our experience is supported by psychology and research. People base their perception of stranger based on the first 20 seconds of interaction. Think about last time you met a new person for the first time, what happened? What did you think? Most people will decide within the first 20 seconds whether they like and trust you – both as a person and as a salesman.

And it is important to remember that a big part of you communication is your body language. If you have a body? You have a body language!

The 4×20 Rule

In sales we work with the model called: The 4×20 Rule. The model helps us remember what is important every time we meet new people.

  • The first 20 seconds of the conversation, meeting or visit. Be calm and be yourself.
  • The first 20 steps when you walk toward the client.
  • The first 20 words you say to the client.
  • The first 20 centimeters when you are standing face-to-face with the client.

If you first interaction with a new client is on the phone, it is just as crucial to focus on the first 20 seconds. Here you have to focus on your tone and level of voice and your choice of words.

Here are some examples of The 4×20 Rule in different situations:

  • You walk towards the client with confident strides
  • You present yourself in a simpel manner
  • You make sure to establish eye contact and smile
  • You give the client a firm handshake
  • You start the conversation with some small-talk – if it seems appropriate. Prepare what you want to start with

Make sure you client is relaxed and the center of attention

Pay attention to your words, your appearance and behaviour. Remember the client will first evaluate you and your attitude towards him and then your product.

Sales Training

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